You’ve heard that word of mouth is the best form of advertising.  Why, because consumers trust the experiences and the recommendations of their peers, friends, and colleagues. 
So, just what do people who partner with Resolve One and utilize our products and services think about us? 
Here are a few examples…

Bryant Durham Electric

Resolve One was able to store $1.3 million worth of fixtures in their staging area. Their team was able to detect defects and handle with the manufacturer and/or logistics company before they made it to the job site. While in storage, a large majority of the fixtures were pre-whipped, making installation a much more efficient process. When a specific fixture type was determined to have a lens defect by the manufacturer, the lenses were swapped out and fixtures repacked before coming to the job site; averting a large scale warranty issue on the job site, as well as a headache for the contractor. Fixtures were also delivered on an as needed basis to the job site, which prevented the typical job site storage, damage and misplacement issues.”
Clay Pratt, Project Manager
Bryant Durham Electric Co.



Network Wireless Solutions

“Five years ago when NWS started in the telecommuni-cations business, we were looking for a partner who could supply the broad spectrum of construction materials that our customers wanted and who could help us with our ware-housing and logistics services. We found Resolve One, the partner that we needed! Since that time Resolve One has been a critical part of our success, helping us supply the right materials, whether it is fabricated steel, electrical wiring components or the construction materials needed to build out cellular tower sites. As our supplier, they have given us the confidence and peace of mind to know that we can supply the right parts, on time, every time.”
Michael Littell, VP of Operations
Network Wireless Solutions


Cooper Electric

“On our first shipment we were able to install 2,160′ of 1″ EMT in just 16 man hours. That’s just 840′ shy from being a master bundle. That was two men – two days from delivery to walk away! We can only expect our installation speed rate to increase further as we become more familiar with FASS Racks.  When we combined the time for the overhead FASS Racks, as well as the entire in – wall prefab assemblies, we removed close to 15,000 work hours from our job site.”
Todd Edwards, Project Manager
Cooper Electric


Watson Electrical

“We used the FASS Rack conduit support system on our project. FASS Racks saved a lot of man hours and was easier to install versus the standard installation using Kindorf and straps.”
Mike Delk, Field Supervisor
Watson Electrical


Ideal Electric

“Through prefab they have made several products which have saved my employees time and our company money.”

Adam Koppin, Raleigh Territory Manager
Ideal Electric Inc.


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